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The Dandelion King is a divorce biography in the form of a graphic novel, six short animated films and an interactive 'app' about growing up in Los Angeles in the 1970's. In 1969, the author's father, a political refugee from Argentina and biologist in the field of plant population genetics left his wife and his kids. The rest of his family moved to Whittier, California. The graphic novel tells a very personal story underpinned by social change in the 1970's: the evangelical movement in Southern California, mental health policy in the State of California and at Metropolitan State Hospital-- a notorious psychiatric hospital; how Argentina's economic and political upheaval impacted the choices of an immigrant scientist in the United States, to name just a few. These large political phenomenon are seen from the eyes of a small child living the upheaval of divorce. The Dandelion King is intimate, accessible, and political storytelling, available on multiple media platforms.

The DandelionKing; love and loss in the gas line.

  • This project is large and ambitious! Apart from the six chapters for the book, The Dandelion King: love and loss in the gas line, there are a number of related films and interactive pieces which will become available over the next 2-3 years. There will be approximately 6 short films, and an interactive app which will serve as a distribution platform for the shorts, archival footage, as well as an interactive game which highlights the 'encounter group' experience. Transmedia is often spoken about for large, corporate media products but here at Whatever Floats Your Boat productions we are trying to put together an 'indie' comicbook/movie/digital (we even have action figures!) experience. See what it's all about!!!

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