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WhateverFloatsYourBoat Productions is the production company for Heide Solbrig, writer, filmmaker, media artist and general curmudgeon.  Solbrig’s scholarly and media work examines the history of capitalism and concentrates on what some have described as ‘economic storytelling’, i.e. stories about how economics, history and politics impact us in deeply personal ways.  Her film work uses experimental montage or ‘bricolage’, combining historical footage, interview, illustration and personal-essay narration.  While Solbrig’s work engages with politics, personal narrative and experimental media forms– she will admit to liking accessible serial narrative quite a bit as well– She is a fan of Joss Whedon as well as other independent fantasy, science fiction and comic book forms.


Heide holds several advanced degrees, including an MFA in Conceptual Design/Information Arts from San Francisco State University and a PhD. in Communication from The University of California, San Diego.  Her dissertation focused on the history of industrial media a yet understudied field of media theory and analysis.  As an artist she is influenced by Conceptual Art and the San Francisco underground media/technology movements led by her mentors and compatriots from S.F. such as Christine Tamblyn, George Legrady, Steve Wilson and Craig Baldwin.  As a scholar, she is influenced by the work of a broad swath of social thinkers from Theodor Adorno, Guy Debord, David Harvey, John Caldwell and Michael Schudson.  She strongly believes that reading, writing and thinking about the world are important parts of making the world a better place.  As such, she has taught media theory and practice on both the east and west coasts of the United States, with an emphasis on the importance of READING for understanding media– which drives her students crazy.  Still, she hopes they forgive her because her intentions are good.

Heide Solbrig

Whatever Floats Your Boat Productions

Studio 306A

561 Windsor Street

Somerville, MA 02453


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